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This deadass the funniest tweet ever.


This deadass the funniest tweet ever.



team 5’5 and under where ya at

We don’t know, no one can find them

I adore your writing! You are an amazing writer! When will there be an update about the teenage Emma tutoring teenage Regina?


Part Thirty-Five:

When the game was over, Emma dragged her feet in following Mary Margaret down the steps of the bleachers, hoping to catch Regina before they left. Even if she was still a bit pissed at the brunette, she also couldn’t help but want to talk to her. Maybe they had both just lost their tempers and a little clarification could fix everything.

But then, Regina had still lied to her, and while Emma couldn’t fathom why, she was hoping there was a reasonable explanation.

“Emma, if you want to wait and talk to her, I’m fine with that,” Mary Margaret told her foster daughter as they made their way down the steps to the final platform.

Emma nodded a little shyly, not wanting to admit as much out loud. Mary Margaret grinned at her. “Alright, sweetheart. Do you want me to wait here with you or in the car?”

“Um…in the car is fine,” Emma told her, and Mary Margaret nodded her agreement. She patted Emma’s shoulder before taking off for the car and leaving Emma at the edge of the bleachers to wait for Regina.

Emma waited and waited, her head ducked down as she kicked at the grass. She wasn’t going to actively seek Regina out. She would just stand there in plain view and if Regina wanted to talk to her, she could, and if she didn’t, then Emma would take it as whatever friendship they had been forming would be over.

Her heart jumped with hope as she felt someone tap her shoulder, but when she looked up, Emma was surprised to see that it wasn’t Regina at all. It was…

“Neal Cassidy?” she asked, her face scrunching in confusion. Why in the hell was one of the most popular jocks in school tapping her on the shoulder?

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Did anyone else notice that Regina does this stomach clutching thing whenever she’s nervous?

 I know she’s done this a bunch of times when she’s afraid she’s going to lose something/someone she loves.

I’m trying to find more gifs as examples.

Please help, Swen!

gifs from here [x]

She does it in the previous episode when she watches Henry walk away from her when they’re at Granny’s.
It’s the exact same movement she does here when she watches Emma go.
Lana is meticulous with gestures, this is no coincidence!

Got it! Think we can compile a list of examples? I think this is a very important acting choice that Lana decided on. I think She and Jmo know something that no one else does…

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She does it when Emma is pulled unconscious on the Jolly Roger.

Got it! (even though its a terrible screen cap) I really wonder how many we can find. I never noticed this one before!

She does it all the time. She even did it as a teen.

Got the screen shot from teen!Regina doing the stomach thing. She was in love with Daniel and now was about to loose everything that she loved.

Yep guys, I think this is definitely a conscious thought from Lana.

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Have a biscuit, Potter.


I love you too.


when ur battling ice type pokemon



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